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As human beings, our nature is to survive and thrive by coming together to make sense of our experience.

We’re living in a time of radical change. Together, we can remember the essence of belonging that has been there all along, obscured by the intensity of modern life – and find the courage to walk our most authentic, evolutionary path.

The art of wellbeing is about reclamation. It’s the practice of being human. 

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Personalized private sessions designed to support your unique needs. 

Integrative Therapy


Immersive offerings in world-class destinations as well as online.

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Bespoke practices for embodiment alchemy in a community context. 

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oct 4 - 11, 2025

Iceland Retreat

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David Keplinger
poet, professor of literature, and founder of the Mindfulness Initiative at American University

From the moment I began this work with her twelve years ago, I felt my sense of purpose realigning to the natural tracks and alleys of my body. Shawn is miraculous: her presence is among the most healing and transformative of any I have ever experienced, in any setting, anywhere.

Shawn's profound effect on my life can not be overstated.

Her knowledge calls us to pay attention and embrace joy as we walk in this world. For anyone seeking more presence, connection, and meaning in their daily lives, Shawn is a trusted companion on the path to well-being.

Studying and practicing with Shawn is nourishment for the soul.

Sheena C.
RYT 500, Photographer 

Shawn showed me that yoga is an art. She taught me that the voice that comes from the depths of your soul, whose rhythm matches the cadence of your heartbeat, can awaken light and love and grace.

Shawn showed me that by being creative and expressive in our bodies, we heal ourselves and the world.


Shawn lives in the inquiry with us - the inquiry of this humbling and wondrous human experience. 

With beauty, wisdom, and gracious artistry, she guides us deeper into ourselves to tap into the vast reservoir of our own life.

Trisha Nakano Bhagen
Instructional Designer, Well-being Coach, Nutritionist



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Asking real questions. Braving a writing practice.
Interviewing some of the folks I most admire.
Join us in the kitchen for a good conversation. 


join the conversation

Asking real questions. Braving a writing practice. Interviewing some of the folks I most admire. Join us in the kitchen for a good conversation. 

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