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Program Details & Descriptions

We invite you to join us for any of our three consecutive 100 hour package offerings, and for maximum integration we encourage you attend them consecutively. Individual modules can be attended by permission only, so please email if you’re interested in a specific weekend segment.

Our program surpasses Yoga Alliance standards for registration. You may complete two of our 100 Hr module packages consecutively to register for 200 Hr RYT or, if you’re already a registered 200 RYT teacher, completing all three module packages will make you eligible for 500 Hour RYT registration. Additional requirements apply for full certification in the Prana Vinyasa Yoga system; please visit Requirements for Prana Vinyasa Certification to learn more.




Embodying the Flow™ (Introduction to Prana Vinyasa® ~ Energetic Vinyasa) with Shawn Parell

40 contact hours

Deepen the way you breathe, move, teach and flow in the yoga of life.  Embodying the Flow immersion is for aspiring and seasoned teachers serving as an introduction to a holistic, energetic approach to teaching vinyasa as more than a technique or style of yoga, but a way of guiding the flow of our body, practice and life.  Based upon the teachings of Krishnamacharya’s lineage, Tantra, Sacred Arts,  Ayurveda,  Bhakti and Somatics, Embodying the Flow™ models a synthesis approach integrating the roots and evolution of living yoga; which draws from Shiva’s 20 + years of teaching around the world.  The purpose of this module is threefold:

    • to deepen your personal practice as a laboratory for exploring the creative potential of vinyasa;
    • provide tools for teaching vinyasa and enlivening the flow of your classes; and,
    • focus on how to embody the flow of daily life with the rhythms of teaching.

Areas to be covered include:

    • Philosophical roots of vinyasa yoga and embodiment of Tantric Hatha Yoga
    • Learn to teach the bandhas and ten Sun Salutations (3 classical and six innovative namaskars) to enliven your sadhana and life
    • Creating the sutra or “theme of the class” through movement meditations, underlying actions/movement patterns, krama (stages of asanas) and bhava (inner state)
    • Navigating flow-movement meditations, observation skills, hands-on adjustments, props, verbal cues, music, and other tools
    • Apply Shiva’s wave sequencing methodology as a ritual arc for an embodied experience from music to sequencing
    • Energetic Alignment: understanding the primary movements of prana for a mandala of 108 asanas and how to create mini-vinyasa sequences
    • Understand, apply and teach sequencing principles: vinyasa krama, wave sequencing and 3-part vinyasa method
    • Apply Shiva’s 3-part vinyasa methodology to standing poses, backbends, arm balances, core abdominals, forward bends, and hip openers, twists and inversions
    • Learn to create vinyasa combinations for both beginner, intermediate, and mixed-level students that are effective, creative, safe, and fun
    • Cultivating the flow of prana through asana, pranayama, drishti, and bandhas
    • Principles and practice of creative and effective sequencing (beginning and intermediate flows)
    • Injury prevention and basic therapeutic guidelines
    • Ritual arc of class and structure:  opening, namaskar, waves, peak poses, counter-posing and closing.
    • Embodying the flow: living yoga with an understanding of your personal sadhana and sva dharma – service to the world
    • Understand how self-practice and teaching can serve the flow of daily life – living sadhana.


Primal Relationships: The Biodynamic Human with Sean Tebor

20 contact hours

A responsible, sustainable practice of conscious embodiment demands that we draw deep parallels between how we practice yogasana with how we naturally move in the wild world. The backbone of such a practice is built on an understanding of the fundamental dance of relationships between powerful lines of energy within the interconnected nature of the human form. In this essential weekend module, we will build a foundation of applied understanding and experience in human biodynamics within yoga and in life.
Expressions of Spanda: Subtle Body, Sound & Sanskrit with Shawn Parell
Oct 7-9, 2016 | Friday 7:30am-5pm, Saturday 7:30-9:30am & 11:45-7pm, Sunday 9am-4pm | 40 contact hours

“He created the waters by means of the word. He said ‘bhuh’ and the earth was.” – Rg Veda, Vibration is at the heart of the Yoga tradition. As such, all primal sound is regarded as an expression of vital breath, or prana, including mantra, sacred speech, and language. The liturgical language of Yoga is Sanskrit, and so to read the texts and integrate the teachings in their original, vibrational form, we must familiarize ourselves with this ancient language. In addition to rudimentary study of the Sanskrit alphabet, root- and keywords relevant to teaching yoga asana, we will turn to some of the lesser-known yogic texts, such as the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (The Radiance Sutra), to deepen our knowledge of the written foundations of yoga.


The Art of Teaching Vinyasa: Mandala of Asanas™ created by Shiva Rea & taught by Shawn Parell

40 contact hours

Teaching vinyasa is an art that requires a teacher to develop related tools using their voice, hands-on assists, observation and energetic attunement to provide guidance to facilitate the state of flow. In this immersion, you will learn the energetic alignment for core asanas within the Mandala of Asanas based upon an integrated understanding of the movements of prana, practical anatomy and how to open and strengthen the core structures of embodiment from head to toe, skin to subtle body.

    • Experience practical application of the Mandala of Asanas™ from a base of 108 asanas to develop and evolve your personal practice and class sequencing
    • Learn to teach alignment in the flow through Prana Flow™ movement patterns and Shiva’s three-part vinyasa™ methodology to sequence vinyasa combinations with skill, effectiveness, fluency, and creativity
    • Learn to teach five primary alignment actions in any asana including foot patterns, spiral actions of the legs, position of the pelvis, and spinal alignment
    • Understand how to teach and verbally cue the energetic alignment and flow actions of the core “blueprint” asana of the mandala of standing poses, backbends, arm balances, core abdominals, forward bends, hip openers, twists and inversions
    • Develop Energetic Observation – ability to assess imbalances, blocks and leaks of energy to a person’s body, mind and heartier
    • Experience hands-on assists as both adjustment and “enhancement” to the core movement of the asana
    • Rejuvenate and activate your flow of yoga through daily energetic vinyasa practices and meditation       


Embodying the Elements in Yoga with Surya Little

20 contact hours

According to Chinese and Taoist philosophy, everything in nature is made up of five basic elements; earth, water, fire, metal and wood. These elements are viewed not just as external forces, but vital forces of life, interweaving with our physical, mental, and emotional being. Knowledge of the five elements, as they pertain to our yoga practice, can enable us to develop deeper insights into the subtle laws of nature.

In this course we will journey through the subtle anatomy of the body, mapping the five elements and their correlations to the pelvis, sacrum, abdomen, lungs and cranium. Through the practice of twists, backbends, forward bends and inversions, you will experience how to activate or to pacify the structures involved with each element. Throughout the week-end we will practice yoga sequences, meditation and pranayama in order to impart alchemical and transformative shifts in the body.


The Cosmic Body: Somatic Cosmologies, Architectures, and Energetics within Yoga Practice with Josh Schrei  

20 contact hours

Join instructor Josh Schrei, a lifelong student of the traditions of India and the founder of three respected yoga schools, as we explore the magnificent architecture of the human body through the lens of history, culture, cosmology, and practice. We’ll look at visions of the body throughout the ages, and how these visions helped shape modern yoga practice. We’ll come to a deeper understanding of the energetic dynamics that form the foundation of physical practice, and examine how asana and pranayama and meditation are reflective of larger cosmologies and cycles within nature.

Through this shared practice, we will start to develop a vocabulary, fluency, and inner awareness around body energetics that will transform our experience as teachers and practitioners.


Soma Sadhana: Meditation, Mudra, Stillpoints of Practice with Shawn Parell

40 contact hours

Soma represents both the great deity bestowing cosmic nectar and the spiritual principle of regeneration in Vedic thought, with mysterious reflections in the plant kingdom that ancient yogis imbibed to harness their consciousness towards spiritual evolution. Today, soma — also known as amrita, the nectar of healing, and ojas, the inner waters responsible for our overall health and wellbeing — is our guide in all practices connected to restoring our vital essence.

There are many ways within the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions to nurture our connection to soma: through nourishing lifestyle practices, dietary and sleep rhythms, the lunar arts of restorative yoga, our sense of service and spiritual life, contemplative meditation and prayer, and beyond. In this experiential exploration of soma, we’ll explore various techniques to ease the mind and deepen embodiment towards healing presence, all with the aim to awaken the regenerative fruits of the practice through felt experience. We’ll also examine common sources of depletion and practical, applicable tools on and off the mat to bring the juice back into our bodies and lives.


Alchemizing the Ego: The Practice of Losing the Charge with Sean Tebor

20 contact hours

In this pivotal module we explore the root of any spiritual practice – the necessary recognition and alchemical transformation of the ego. What is the charge of attachment, and how to we understand and embody its release? How does the charge of ego manifest in the body and what does that have to do with our practice? How does the release, or holding, of embodied karma project out into our immediate world?
Ultimately, how do we simplify and embody the practice of releasing the charge through yogasana as a metaphor for conscious living? This is the practice of Wisdom…


The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa: Energetic Alignment, Prana Vinyasa Wave-Sequencing, Hands-on Assists and Meditation for Inner and Outer Renewal

20 contact hours

Awaken your connection to your understanding of the regenerative power of the moon as we explore the art of lunar vinyasa. In this weekend module, you will learn Chandra namaskar, and four lunar elemental wave sequences integrating movement meditation, deep flexibility, mudrasanas (long holds with inner visualization) and the inner arts of meditation, mudra and mantra. We will cultiate the root of Chandra Namaskar and explore meditative dancing warriors in a lunar flow as we learn how to skillfully lead lunar wave sequences.

Cultivate the inner arts of nourishing yourself and your students and offer restorative pathways for your students.

  • Explore the Art of rejuvenation, restoration, and lunar practice
  • Learn Chandra Namaskar with mantras and lunar dancing warriors with connecting vinyasas for all-levels of practice and energy
  • Learn four primary lunar sequences to develop hip opening, forward bending, twists, backbending and inversions in a meditative flow
  • Focus on the hands on assist, wave sequencing, karmas (stages of asanas), lunar families of asanas, and language to create a lunar bhava (feeling mind)


Integration & Completion Cycle with Shawn Parell

20 contact hours


* * *


Additional Program Requirements ::

  • Embody and empower what you learn in live intensives through online programs for foundational modules that correspond to your track of study
  • Required reading and written reflections as assigned
  • Smaller group study sessions to workshop embodiment concepts & practices introduced in training
  • Final wave sequence assignment for 200/300 hour students
  • Preparation of spanda-inspired final project (to be introduced in training)

Required Reading List ::

  • Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life: Shiva Rea
  • Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing: Dr. Vasant Lad
  • Light on Pranayama: The Yogic Art of Breathing: B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Radical Acceptance: Tara Brach
  • The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice: T.K.V. Desikachar

Recommended Reading List ::

  • Yoga Spandakarika: Daniel Odier
  • Yoga of the Subtle Body: Tias Little
  • The Artful Universe: William Mahony
  • Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists: Thomas Myers
  • A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose: Eckhart Tolle
  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism: Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Once you know the way, the nature of attention will call you
to return, again and again, and be saturated with knowing,
'I belong here, I am at home here.'  Answer that call.
~ Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Sutra 26

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